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Film protection film

Product description: Film protection film aka: negative protection film, protective film, brown film protection film, black film protection film, etc.


film and negative of the 150mm protection to good


Film protection film series

Product Description

一、The role of film protection film

The film protector is a transparent, flexible film made from a combination of very thin polyester compounds coated with an adhesive that can be used to secure any type of negative, and is effective in improving the efficiency and extending the life of the negative;


二、Features of negative protection film

- Excellent cleanliness in class 1000 environment;
- good adhesion, no bubbling
- Easy to pierce and release, no contamination;
- Ultra-thin substrate with excellent optical properties;
- Stable over time after lamination.

三、Specifications for negative protection film:

510MM*150MM  580M*150MM 560MM*150MM    610MM*150MM
Extended negative life Durable and solvent resistant
Ultra-thin and good light transmission Easy to peel
Highly clean, new style Anti-static and non-adhesive adhesion




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